Thursday, March 17, 2016

#ExtraordinaryHair --- Extraordinary Oil.

L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil products are absolutely amazing! They're a the trifecta of rejuvenating bliss for anyone will dry hair, and they smell ridiculously good! Compared to other brands, these products leave my hair feeling cleaner, softer, & much more manageable.

My daughter's crazy hair---
After ONE use!

Each product contains Extraordinary Oil with oil complex. Consisting of: coconut, aryan, chamomile, amla, soja, and sunflower oil. These ingredients help to nourish your hair, without harsh chemicals or added weight. They really work, and you will see drastic changes after just one use!

Use the shampoo and conditioner each time you wash your hair. For me, this is every other day. Then, when your hair is still damp, use one pump of the Extraordinary Oil. I apply the oil by rubbing it in my palms, and working it into the ends of my hair first. Then, run your finger's through your hair, and work the rest into the shafts and towards the roots. I prefer slightly less product on the top of my head.

Left: dry, lifeless hair
Right:healthy, hydrated hair!
Since my hair is very thick, I tend to let it air dry over night. I always wake up with amazingly soft, manageable hair. On the off chance I use a dryer, the results have been equally magnificent. These are very versatile products, and they have outperformed all of the other products I've ever used!
I received the L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil products complimentary, for testing and review purposes. I was highly skeptical--- Especially of the hair oil. However, I gave them a shot, and found them to be exactly what my hair needed. My dry, lifeless hair, is now rejuvenated & full of life. I highly recommend these products!