Thursday, February 25, 2016

Ooh la la! Easy, classy, French Manicures.

I am an absolute sucker for the clean, classy look of the French manicure. In fact, any time I get a pedicure, I always get a French manicure... Or is it a French pedicure?!? Regardless --- the stark white tips, and natural nude polish are an absolute must have for special occasions. Even if the occasion happens to be a whim! Sometimes we all just need a French mani/pedi.

The Golden Rose; French Manicure Set, is a quick & easy way to get a salon quality French manicure at home. The set includes: White manicure polish, Nude top polish, and Stickers. I'm an old pro, with a steady hand, so I usually free hand my white tips. However, the manicure stickers totally intrigued me, so I HAD to try them!

My Golden Rose French Manicure
Using the stickers & different lighting.
These stickers are fantastic!!! If you want even, straight tips, but have a hard time freehanding your French tips--- You will LOVE these stickers! They're easy to use, and make your manicure even more awesome. Just decide where you want your tips to begin, and place the stickers on your nails. Then, paint the tips with the white polish. Be careful to stop at the sticker! Let the polish dry, and remove the sticker. Voila! Perfectly straight French tips! Finish up with 1- 2 coats of the nude polish, and you'll have a gorgeous, salon quality, French manicure. 

It's so simple. The French Manicure Set by Golden Rose is literally a manicure in a box. Including the handy French tip stickers! The polish is high quality, and dries relatively quick. Quick drying polish is a requirement for me, as I do NOT have the patience to wait for polish to dry. This French manicure set is a must have for every woman!

Sample provided for review

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