Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Finally, a way to dust all those hard to reach places!

I've been testing out my new Swiffer Starter Kit, and I'm pretty impressed! I've never been able to properly dust the top of my wall mounted t.v., it's just too tall!

The Swiffer is adjustable for angle, so I was able to tilt it & get behind my t.v. without any issues! Boy was it gross... So much dust!!! Now its super clean & dust free. I dare anyone to come give it the white glove test--- I'm certain it'll pass with flying colors!

If you're looking for a quick & easy way to dust those hard to reach places, you definitely should go get a Swiffer. They're available at Wal-Mart, and they're reasonably priced! Each starter kit includes a Swiffer with an attached duster head AND an additional replacement duster head!

I received a complimentary set to review, and I'm absolutely hooked! It's a great way to dust all those hard to reach places.