Monday, September 14, 2015

Protect your hearing with FSL

If you're looking for a worthwhile pair of earmuffs, these are definitely the ones to check out! They're compact, but easily adjust to fit heads of all sizes. Each earpiece is a thick, comfortable foam ring, with a softer foam lining. They work amazingly well to reduce sound, without blocking it out entirely. Plus, they're quite durable.
I work for an airport, and I use them on the ramp, to reduce the noise from the planes. So far, they work just as well (better, in fact) than the airport earplugs. And, theyre a whole lot more comfortable to use! I haven't tried them at the range yet, but if they can save my hearing from the roar of airplane engines, im positive they will work wonders for gun fire!
I received these earmuffs as a sample product, to test and review. I really like how they feel, and that they're so effective at reducing noise. I highly recommend them.