Sunday, September 13, 2015

Goggles for kids & GIVEAWAY!!!

Living in Florida, my children are serious water bugs. In fact, my 3 year old swims like a little fish! After an hour in the water, she complains that her eyes are bothering her... So, we searched high and low for goggles that would work for her. We tried tons of styles, but none really fit the way she needed. Most goggles are made for older children & adults. Plus, she wanted them to be pink... Yeah, she loves to make it difficult!

I came across some goggles from VITCHELO, the G72 Kids Swimming Goggles. They're made for kids, so we decided to give them a shot. As an added bonus, they come in 3 colors: Black, Blue, and Red. The red is super light, and looks more pink than red... SCORE! Color aside, these goggles are made for younger children, and are anti-fog with UV protection. The back is also a slide clasp, so they don't pull your hair, and are super easy to adjust. Thus, making these goggles super appealing to us.

Madison was stoked to test her new goggles out, so we headed to the pool, the same day we received them. They fit perfectly, and didn't leak at all. Plus, they have so many great features & benefits!

*The G72kids goggles also come with a handy nose clip. This is specially made for children, to keep water out of their nose.

  • 100% PVC and latex free. 
  • 180 degrees distortion-free visibility. 
  • Super ANTI-FOG treatment and UV protection. 
  • Nice STURDY head-strap and nose piece. 
  • SHATTER and SCRATCH RESISTANT MIRRORED polycarbonate lenses. 

  • Mirrored lenses.
  • SLEEK and ERGONOMIC design.
  • The G72 VITCHELO kids goggles will not slip, leak, or fog.
  • The silicone gasket around the eyepieces are super comfortable and do not leave red marks around the eyes.

Want to win a pair? 

Enter below --- 2 of my lucky readers will win their very own pair of VITCHELO G72 kids goggles, compliments of VITCHELO.

Can't wait for the contest to end?

Sample provided for review.