Friday, August 21, 2015

Pamper your dog, let him ride in style!

This has got to be the cutest, and most useful car product for pet owners. My dog is not a fan of car rides. In fact, he loathes them! He shakes, drools, and sometimes vomits ... He's an absolute, nervous wreck, when it comes to car rides. This product provides a stable, and comfortable seat for your dog. It imcludes a leash clip, so your dog cant jump out, and a zip pouch for treats & necessities!!!

Because its a box, it gives them a sense of comfort, which helps to calm nervous pups down.  Plus, its lined with a soft, fuzzy material, for your pet to snuggle into and relax. Its easy to install, and works quite well. I only wish it were a little bigger, as my dog is just over the weight limit & its a bit snug for him. Luckily, he loves close quarters --- the tighter, the better. Its also great for containing pet hair, and in the event your pet has an accident, it contains that too! I hate dog hair all in my car, so I usually put sheets or towels down in advance. With this, I just shake the hair out, wash it, or even vacuum it if I want! Its easy to clean, and keeps the pet hair off of my car seats!!! My dog no longer has to sit on the floor boards, uncomfortable, and nervous. This gives him a cozy seat, off the floor, where he can see me and feel less nervous.

This product was sent to me complimemtary, to test and review, and i really like it. I did rate it 4/5 stars, because I wish it were available in a slightly larger size... But, it does work, and I highly recommend it. If you have a nervous pet, or even just want a comfy seat for your dog to use in the car... This is definitely worth checking out!