Wednesday, August 19, 2015

One piece of cloth to rule them all! *Giveaway*

Have you seen those viral videos, the ones with the girl who takes a long tube top & demonstrates how to wear it 7363528 different ways? That's so cool, right??? I doubt I could ever be that creative, or flexible (lol). However, I do love the idea of one item being used so many ways. In fact, my favorite multipurpose textile is the sarong. If you've never owned one, you should go buy one, now! They're fantastic, and they have soooooo many uses!

The sarong, not to be confused with the sari, is a measured cut of material ( usually with fringe). They can also be fashioned out of any material. However, I do recommend something lightweight. You can literally do whatever you want with it... But, I find they're best when worn at the beach. My favorite sarong is from --- Its made larger, for plus size women, but can be used by anyone.

The sarong from is a Batik Sarong. It has a very Bohemian look to it, and I adore the print. These sarongs are handmade in Indonesia. Plus, they're available in a variety of beautiful colors! The material is 100% rayon, with a fringed edge. Since many people use sarongs as swimsuit cover-ups, rayon is the perfect material to use. Rayon is well suited, because its thin, breathes well, and dries quickly. It also keeps its color, and doesn't fade as easily as cotton. These gorgeous sarongs are 62" long by 43" wide, making them the ideal size for draping around your hips, and shoulders.

Keep in mind --- Rayon is a relatively durable material, but it is advised that you hand wash these sarongs!

So.... What can you do with a sarong??? As far as clothing goes, the options are limitless. However, there are a few popular ways that they're currently being worn. Check out the following illustration for styles and instructions!

For me, the sarong is a quick, classy, fashionable go-to beach necessity. I LOVE tossing one around my hips, as a quick swimsuit cover, and hitting the sand.

Love the look?

Get your own ---- " Batik Sarong " from
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