Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tweeze it like you mean it...

Ever found the perfect tweezers, and just HAD to tell people about them? I HAVE to tell everyone about Tweez'em Stainless Steel Tweezers. Seriously... These tweezers are fantastic!!!! Not only are the easy to hold, but they're extremely pointy AND have no bends! I hate getting new tweezers, and the tip is bent... these arrived straight and super pointy! The design of the hand held portion is also very nice. It flares out into a wide circle, allowing plenty of room for your fingers to rest on the metal as you tweeze. This makes for an ergonomic, and extra comfortable experience. I received mine complimentary, to test and review, and I love them!!!! Honestly, the point and tip blew me away, but the hand hold is phenomenal too!

Get your own..

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