Monday, April 27, 2015

Skinny Blend by Skinny Jane

Skinny Blend by Skinny Jane is amazing! I've always struggled with eating healthy and maintaining a healthy weight, but I've found a happy medium with Skinny Blend. It's nutritious, healthy, and provides everything my body needs to not only be healthy, but to lose weight too! Losing weight and keeping it off has always been a goal for me, but I'm finding that weight loss is easy if you're healthy... So my goals are changing, and I'm wanting to be healthier too! These shakes are the perfect balance of vitamins and minerals that I need to maintain a healthy body. Plus, they taste amazing!!! I received mine complimentary, to test and review, and I highly recommend it. The Skinny Blend system by Skinny Jane really does work!!!

So what's in it that makes a difference???

Per SkinnyJane;

Skinny Blend combines a special blend of 7 high quality proteins, MCT Oil (this burns body fat and boosts your immune system), and fiber to help you lose weight and feel satisfied.

Skinny Blend Highlights:
• Just 100 calories per serving
• Low sugar (only 1 gram per serving)
• 3 grams of healthy fiber
• Great protein boost for women
• Suppresses appetite
• Boosts metabolism/speeds weight loss
• Tastes great!

80% of women do not get the protein they need. Adding Skinny Blend to your diet will help you reach your goals!

Benefits of Skinny Blend:
• Decreases your appetite
• Burns body fat instead of muscle for better long term weight loss
• Speeds up your weight loss
Skinny Blend gives you an easy and convenient way to get the high quality protein your body needs daily (one serving + 8 ounces of milk = 20 grams of protein). Our clients love the taste of Skinny Blend, and you will too! It will help you stay strong while losing weight, and give you the energy you need to get things done!

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