Thursday, April 2, 2015

Dead Scary: The Ghost who refused to leave

Dead Scary: The Ghost Who Wouldn't Leave, is an eerily adventurous book about a struggle between the human and spirit world. The main characters, Adam and Edward, meet under strange circumstances--- Edward is a ghost, and Adam has the gift of being able to see and interact with the spirit world! Unfortunately, Adam's family has inherited the home where Edward haunts, and Edward is none too thrilled about this! He plots and plans ways to get the family out, and is unsuccessful. Determined, he decides to rally together the earthly spirit world, and wage war on the family. Adam is left to defend his family and his home, in an epic, and haunting, battle. 
This book is wonderfully written, and carefully places the reader right into the action! Once you start reading it, you'll find it very hard to stop! 
I received this book as a gift, to read and review, and I highly recommend it! It's well suited for children ages 8+. My 10 year old thoroughly enjoyed reading Dead Scary: The Ghost Who Wouldn't Leave! 

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