Sunday, April 19, 2015

Baltic Amber necklace

The Born Wild; Baltic Amber teething necklaces aren't just fashionable, they're functional. Something in the amber helps to alleviate the pains of teething, diaper rash, and other minor discomforts. It's as if the amber contains a natural pain reliever, that's absorbed through the skin.

My daughter loves her Baltic Amber necklace. It's a beautiful orange color, and it's very sturdy. I love that it's not too long, so I don't have to worry about strangulation. Plus, it has the neatest screw together closure system. My little one can't take the necklace off, so I also don't have to worry about her losing it or choking on it.

I received my Born Wild; Baltic Amber necklace complimentary, to test and review, and I'm beyond satisfied with the results so far!