Sunday, March 1, 2015

Chef Remi Digital Cooking Thermometer

I finally got a chance to use my new thermometer!

I decided to make a whole chicken for dinner the other day, and I was tickled to use my Chef Remi Cooking Thermometer! It really is the little things...

Anyhow, this thermometer is exceptionally accurate, and includes features that standard kitchen thermometers don't.  For example; the Chef Remi thermometer is digital, most standard thermometers for kitchen use are not. This thermometer also has the ability to read temperatures in Celsius as well as Fahrenheit. Plus, it resets quickly. Most thermometers, even digital ones, require a lengthy cool-down period between uses. The Chef Remi Digital Cooking Thermometer also has a 10 minute auto shut off feature --- after 10 minutes it shuts off to save on battery! Lastly, it has a hold feature. You can hold and save temperatures for future reference, and you can set min and max temps! How cool, right?!?
 This is my first, and absolute favorite kitchen thermometer... I've used/ borrowed standard non digital ones from my parents before, but this is the first one I've actually owned!