Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Coosh CBS002A Precision Digital Bathroom Scale

This ultra modern scale from Coosh, features a 6mm tempered glass platform, and stylish stainless accents. It's definitely on the cusp of all that is sleek, modern, and trendy! 
If you're looking for the average run of the mill bathroom scale, you can definitely get an accurate weight from this one. However, it does so much more! What comes across as strange to me, is that the Amazon.com listing for this product has very little information available. Based on the listing, this is the average, everyday scale. But it's not! It's fully programable, and stored information and stats for up to 12 people! It's capable of so much more than just telling you how much you weigh. This scale includes readings for; Body Fat, Muscles Mass, Bone Density, Hydration, and Calorie Counts. This scale is also accurate within .02lb. That is super impressive for the average everyday scale... The Coosh, Precision Digital Bathroom Scale, is equipped to read weights up to 330 lb., and has a super handy tap to start platform! 

If you're looking for a scale to tell you your weight every day, you've found it... If you're looking for an intense, sophisticated, way to track your weight loss progress, this is also the scale for you! Just be cautious when using this scale after a shower. It becomes exceptionally slippery when wet, and you're liable to fall.
 So far on my personal journey to a new me in 2015, this scale is a top contender as my pick for the scale I will use to reach my weight loss & health goals this year! 

Thanks to tomoson.com, I was able to test and review this scale, complimentary. I was honestly expecting a standard bathroom scale, but I got far more that I bargained for. This scale is most definitely well made, and I highly recommend it!