Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Ramini Brands; Anti Snore Nose Clip

I really wanted these to work out... I've been looking for a long time, for a cure to my husbands insane snoring. I love my husband, but I can't sleep through the snoring. It's so terribly loud, that I literally stay awake all night and only fall asleep when I've hit the point of total exhaustion. Something has to give... I received this product, complimentary, via to test and review. I was ecstatic--- finally something new to try! I'm also trying a snore reduction mouth guard for my husband, so I decided to try the products alone and together and and determine which works better... 

Well... They both work equally as good, for my situation. The Rami Naturals; Anti Snore Noseclip did not live up to my expectations. We followed the product directions, and still only saw small changes in my husbands snoring. 

The Noseclip is a plastic ring with balls on the ends, and is supposed to fit into the nostrils, and help reduce snoring... We found that the Noseclip did help with reducing some I the snoring, but not all of it, and certainly not enough to make it to where I can easily fall asleep & comfortably stay asleep. Since the product does help (a little), I've given it 3/5 stars. It works but definitely not for people with severe snoring habits. I really wish it did... I could use some seriously good quality, snore free sleep! In defense of the product, my husband is a pro @  snoring, so it would be hard for any product to keep up :(