Monday, February 23, 2015

Luxury Spa Bath Pillow - Simply Essentials

Soooooo comfy. Ahhhhhhh! Why hadn't I though to get something like this sooner?!? I may never leave my bath tub again. Seriously. This pillow is super comfy, and just the right size to relax in the tub. It's made of a foam material, that feels just like very dense memory foam! 

The suction cups on the back work amazingly well, wet or dry. This is important to me because I get annoyed when I have to keep adjusting things because of suction cups that don't stick so well! The perfect accoutrement for a nice hot bath with salts and essential oils! I got my pillow complimentary to test and review, but I have an order in for a second--- my 10 year old son took mine and has claimed it for his own!!!