Monday, February 23, 2015

Fractionated Coconut Oil - Pure Body Naturals

Dye free, perfume free, good ol' fractionated coconut oil! I love the fractionated coconut oil by Pure Body Naturals. It happens to be one of the very few that truly is scent free, and completely pure of additives and impurities. I'm a huge advocate of this because a lot of fractionated coconut oils have a faint scent that's reminiscent of baby vomit, and I truly can not stand that smell. Disgusting! It turns my stomach. As for impurities, there's nothing like ruining your aromatherapy burners because they get gummed up by added silicates and such. 

This oil is 100% and I love that! It mixes easily. Diluting the strongest of oils, but maintaining their scent. This is exceptionally important, because some oils are rather pricey and it's and expensive lesson to learn when you've mixed them with an oil containing a fragrance or contaminant that ruins the integrity of the essential oil. 
Aside from aromatherapy, this oil is great for massage. It warms quickly, and works over and into the skin without issue. It also leaves no greasy residue, or waxy film --- as many other massage products do. Again, it leaves behind 0 scent, unless scented with (synergy) essential oils or the like. 
This oil can even be used in the making of home made lotions, body butters, leave-in conditioners, the list goes on... It has so many uses, even those beyond personal care! I lucked out, and received my bottle as a gift, to test and review. But there is no doubt in my mind that I will be purchasing more once this bottle is gone. I highly recommend this product for those in search of a natural alternative for home goods. Or those looking to venture into home-made personal care products! Not to mention the massage therapists, and aromatherapy gurus out there!