Sunday, January 25, 2015

Petunia Skincare - Professional 12 Set Makeup Brush Kit, With Travel Pouch

These brushes are absolutely brilliant!

The only thing that I really want to say is, go buy a set. Now. Before the world discovers them and they're all gone. These brushes are THAT good. And the price is way below their value! Seriously. I wouldn't be surprised if these were sold out in the next few weeks. But, telling you to go buy them doesn't exactly showcase the Petunia Skincare; Professional Makeup Brushes. And, it certainly doesn't explain why I think everyone ( you included), should own them.

These brushes are so incredibly well made. I've never owned makeup brushes that were of this quality before. I've owned a lot of brushes, and these are absolute works of art!

Each brush begins with a wooden handle that rivals all brush handles. Every brush is the absolute perfect size. They're firm, but magnificently silky smooth, and so light you would honestly think it was some sort of sorcery --- a magic trick. The color of the handles is nothing short of breathtaking. If one can honestly refer to a brush handle as breathtaking, then that's the best word for it. They're the most gorgeous shade of red. Not really even red, but more of a rose color. The beautiful rosie color accompanied by black make these brushes absolutely breathtaking! 

Once you are able to drag yourself away from the awe inspiring bond that you've already formed with the handles, you'll fall head over heels for the bristles. Petunia Skincare spared no expense when creating these works of art. Each brush is so soft and delicate, and feel absolutely amazing on your skin. It could be because they're made of only the finest materials; a combination of high quality pony hair, goat hair, and synthetic hair. Yes, I said synthetic. These brushes are super versatile, and synthetic brushes work best for liquid makeup. Whereas, natural hair brushes are the best for powders, because they can pick up and distribute powders more evenly and smoothly. The brides are so soft and silky, but the bases are firm and durable. Over time, they continue to soften, and they become absolutely heavenly! BONUS: Petunia Skincare is a member of PETA, and no animals were harmed or tested on in the making of these brushes!!!

AND they're made in the USA!!!!!

The Petunia Skincare; Professional Makeup Brushes are also very low maintenance! Unlike many other professional brushes, they do not require cleaning after each use. The blend of hairs used to create these gems allow you to easily apply makeup smoothly, but the color pigments do not cling to the hairs! This makes it possible to blend and reuse colors and brushes without cleaning after each use. When it is time to give them a clean, it's so quick and easy! All you do is gently rinse them and then apply a small amount of shampoo, and rinse again. To dry them you just set them to air dry or you can even blow dry them! Just be careful by to use too high a setting, you wouldn't want to burn them! 

Included in this set are the only 12 makeup brushes that you'll ever need.

Lastly, this ridiculously amazing set of makeup brushes includes a very trendy and well made foldable pouch for carrying the brushes withough exposing them to dirt or dust! The case is easy to wipe down and very easily fits each brush without any crowding. My favorite thing about this foldable case is that it snaps shut vs zipping closed, like many other makeup brush cases do. Nothing irritates me more than having my brushes get aught in the zipper! It pains me to see the hairs pulled out, and it's even more aggravating when the zipper jams and I can't get it open. Thus, the button close is a much needed breath of fresh air for me!

As if all of these amazing features don't already make the Petunia Skincare; Professional Makeup Brushes too enticing to pass up... Petunia Skincare has even included brush guards as an "added bonus!" Even the brush guards are high quality! They're made from very high quality material, and are extremely durable. Brush guards aren't necessary, but they're an absolute blessing to have. They fit easily on the brushes, and help to maintain the shape and beauty of the hairs.

I absolutely adore my Petunia Skincare; Professional Makeup Brushes, and I am so grateful to have been chosen via to review them!

Now --- hurry, and get a set. Before it's too late...

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