Sunday, December 28, 2014

Hello Sailor! ***GIVEAWAY***

Thanks to our friends at Mano and Mano, I've had the pleasure of testing out their newest personal lubricant, Hello Sailor!

Hello Sailor is an amazing new product from Mano and Mano. I thought I was in-love when I discovered their Nooky Lube... But this product is even better!

Hello Sailor is a water based lubricant. It doesn't leave behind any greasy residue, and washes away with little effort. The viscosity of this lube is amazing! It doesn't dry up and get tacky, but stays slippery for a long while! My husband and I have thoroughly enjoyed reviewing this product, courtesy of Mano and Mano.

Not only is Hello Sailor an awesome product, it also comes in a really stylish pump top bottle. You can leave the bottle as is, or remove the label if youre looking for something more discrete. 

And now you can enjoy this amazing lubricant too! Mano and Mano has graciously offered up a bottle of their newest edition, Hello Sailor, for one of my followers to take for a test ride ;)  You know what that means ----- Giveaway!!!!

Would you like to win your own bottle of Hello Sailor? 

Hello Sailor