Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Nooky Lube - No1 Lube - Personal Lubricant for Men and Women

My husband and I were very excited when this arrived at our door step... on a Sunday... Ha! We actually were kind of excited to try this product out. We have had a rough time finding lubricants that we enjoy using. You know... the kind that aren't sticky, too thick, greasy, or impossible to wash off. After reading up on Nooky Lube, we decided to give it a try! And as an added bonus, it comes in a size that most lubricants don't --- 16oz! AND it has a super convenient pump top cap! Anyhow, after a trial run, or two... or three ;) we concluded that this lube isn't too shabby! We love just about everything about it. Notice I didnt say "Everything". The issue we had with the Nooky Lube was that it dried up kind of quickly and that's when it got sticky/gummy. This was easily fixed by adding a small amount of water to the drying lube, but it was a small inconvenience at the time ;) I think if this product was slightly "Thinner", it would definitely warrant all 5 of those stars. I wish I could give it the full 4.5 stars it deserves!