Friday, October 24, 2014

Scottie's Facial Tissue

I was very skeptical of these tissues. I'm a long time Puffs Plus girl, so switching facial tissue was HUGE for me! I was afraid these would be rough, and since they don't have lotion in them, I was seriously worried that my skin would dry out. I gave it a shot, and it wasn't all that bad! In fact, I think I like these tissues! They are fairly soft, and even though they don have lotion, they still feel almost like a lotion tissue... Minus the greasy residue. That's my one qualm with Puffs, the oily residue from the lotion! But, Scottie's didn't leave my face feeling like is just rubbed a stick of soft butter on it. I like that!!! I honestly think I've found my new favorite facial tissue. If only they Carrie the "with Vicks" line... Those are my absolute favorite when I'm sick!!! 

Side note: Scottie's are striving to be environmentally friendly. Working to preserve the earth for our children and their children, etc. Please check out their latest contest, Trees Rock, here:

* I received the Scottie's Facial Tissues free for review purposes via Smiley360 *