Friday, October 24, 2014

Orajel™ Single Dose Cold Sore Treatment + Moisturizer

It's no surprise, I, like many others, suffer from cold sores. It's been a long battle for me. They're terribly irritating and extremely painful! I've tied tons of remedies and so far the best I've found is a combination of Campho Phenique and Orajel™ Single Dose Cold Sore Treatment + Moisturizer. Campho Phenique dries cold sores out, and below with pain... The Orajel Single Dose relieves pain and helps to keep the skin around the cold sore moisturized. These two products are Godsends for me. I think I've finally found a winning combination!!! I tried the Orajel Single Dose on my latest blemish, and within 24 hours it was feeling a lot better, and even seems to be healing already! These products don't claim to help with the healing process, but they do seem to be helping... Maybe once we eliminate the pain, our bodies can work faster to heal? If so, these products are doing their jobs!!! *** I found the Campho Phenique at a local grocery store, and the Orajel Single Dose was given to me free from Smiley360, for review purposes. 

Stress busting tips to help avoid cold sores this holiday season:

1Rest: Schedule time every day to just relax your mind and body.
2Sleep: Get your 8 hours a night with a regular bedtime routine.
3Exercise: Combat holiday over-eating by keeping active. At the very least, get out and play in the snow!
4Combat cold sores with Orajel Single Dose, as soon as you feel that first tingle.