Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Interactive textiles for the win!

I'm always looking for fun ways to get my daughter Madison to take a nap, or stay in bed at bedtime. It seems that she has no interest in her bed or bedroom at all, and I've grown tired of fighting with her. Coming up with creative ways that actually work has become a real labor of love. Honestly, I had gotten to the point where I was about to lose my mind. Then, I discovered SpinTales

Yes, this sounds like a cheesy infomercial, but it's not. This is real life, and unfortunately bed/ bedroom aversion in children is not at all uncommon. In fact, it seems to be quite common--- Although, I'm sure that at some point most mom's deal with kiddos who don't want to sleep in their own beds. This is where SpinTales comes in...

Right now, you're probably wondering what SpinTales is. SpinTales are a series of interactive textiles, offered by the innovative smart home textiles company, TILT. They're a fun way to let your child interact with their evironment, by enjoying stories, and games in an augmented reality setting. It sounds super technical, but I assure you it's not. 

In honor of our bedtime struggles, my family decided to put the SpinTales Enchanted Duvet to the test. The Enchanted Duvet includes a beautiful duvet cover, and matching pillow case. The duvet features scenes from classic fairy tale stories. The scenery begins at the bottom of the duvet with rocks and dirt paths, and ends with a beautiful moon and stars on the pillow case. The set is truly magical! 

It probably doesn't sound too special yet, but I assure you, this is unlike any other duvet cover you've ever seen. This Enchanted Duvet let's you explore a world of fairy tales in ways you never have before! However, to access the magic woven into the threads, you will need an Apple or Android tablet or phone. After you've set up your Enchanted Duvet set, download the SpinTales app & watch the wonder unfold! It's very easy process, and the set includes 3 classic fairy tales to explore. 

Once you've begun your journey in one of the fairy tales, you'll encounter lifelike augmented reality settings that magically appear in front of you. You can watch the story unfold in front of your very eyes! You will also find interactive games and activities along the journey. The story will have you locate markers on the duvet, and point your tablet or smart phone at them.  This will prompt the story to continue, and activate either and augmented reality scene, or an interactive game. 

Madison had never experienced anything like this before, and her initial reaction was absolutely priceless! For me, it's amazing to watch her actually experiencing & interacting with the stories. Best of all though, she finally has a reason to spend more time in her room! She takes the initiative to go enjoy these wonderful classic fairy tales, unprompted, and bed time isn't such a hassle anymore. 

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