Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Wear your favorite shoes all day...painlessly!

Everyone has that super cute pair of shoes they just had to buy, but later realized are super uncomfortable. You know, those ridiculously awesome pumps in your closet---- The ones you've worn exactly once, because they hurt like hell. Yes, those. Don't worry, I am also guilty as charged. AND I also know how much it sucks to see those shoes in the closet, tempting me to wear them. It truly would be so much better if they didn't leave my feet in a state of regret & sorrow after wearing them!

Yes, there are products available that offer relief while wearing those uncomfortable shoes, but they never seem to work like they're supposed to. Trust me, I've tried just about everything available. The most relief I've gotten so far, is from jamming cotton balls into the toes of my heels... Unfortunately, that doesn't work on peep toes... And the jelly inserts, those helped for precisely 10 minutes--- Then they just came unstuck and slid down and became more uncomfortable!

I've spent a lot of time trying to make my shoes tolerable, and finally found something that works perfectly. Every time!!!

I recently discovered a product called Sole Patches. They're kind of like those jelly inserts that stick in your shoes, but slightly different, AND they actually work! Sole Patches are a foam pad, but instead of sticking them to your shoe, you stick them to your foot! The adhesive on them is medical grade, so they don't slip & slide in your shoes. Plus, they can be used in multiple pairs of shoes! For instance, if you need to change from daytime shoes to evening shoes, you can leave the Sole Patches in place and just swap shoes. Or, if you need to move them around, just unstick them and place them where you need them. Unlike other stick-ons, Sole Patches re-stick, and stay in place!

Sole Patches are comfortable, and last all day. They're made of a relatively high density foam, so they take a lot of pressure without falling flat. And--- They're not too thick! They're the perfect thickness, without being awkward OR too thin. Sole Patches are great for anyone, in any pair of shoes! If you need them for the back of your heel, just cut one of the patches in half! Each package contains 6 individual foam stickers. This means, each box is good for 3 separate occasions! Just peel off the paper backing, apply the patches, and you're set for a full day of shoe bliss!!!

For me, Sole Patches are a must have. They're they only thing that I've found to help make all of my shoes comfortable, all day! Check them out on social under #Solepatches --- I dare you to try them, and tell me what you think in the comments!

This is a sponsored post. Product received complimentary, for testing & review purposes.