Thursday, March 3, 2016

Easter treats

Easter is a day of rebirth and renewal. It's celebrated to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus, but it's also a fun family holiday. To me, Easter signifies so many wondrous things, and even the commercial representations can be viewed as significant.

For instance, Easter Eggs--- Eggs break open and spill forth life. They symbolize birth, and the miracles at hand. From something cold, still, and void of life, comes something so wonderful! I love using Easter Eggs as a representation of the Easter miracle, and it's a great way to include children in the spirit of the holiday.

Prextex carries some wonderful Easter items. Their jumbo, pre filled, Easter Eggs are a perfect addition to our Easter celebration! Each package includes 4 jumbo eggs, filled with smaller eggs. The smaller eggs have fun toys inside!

I especially like the eggs that contain shapes--- Each white egg opens to reveal a solid bottom with a shape cut out, and the top is a matching 3D shape. These are meant for younger children, and are absolutely awesome for matching & shape recognition. On the other hand--- The colored eggs open, and are each filled with little trinkets. Including; rings, whistles, stampers, and other various little toys. It's a great alternative to sugar filled treats!

*BONUS* The eggs are reusable!

Prextex also makes a super cute Easter plush. It's extremely soft, and very cuddly. Definitely an Easter must- have for the smallest spring chicks (& those who really love a snuggly plush!)

What's really cool about this plush is that the egg and baby chick are removable, leaving the basket open to be filled! So, it's like a 3-in-1 plush. You have a chick, an egg, and a bunny holding a basket.

--->>>Prextex Easter Plush<<<---

Other great Easter ideas are coloring books, and exploration kits. One of my favorite color & explore items right now is the Prextex Dinosaur excavation & coloring book kit. It's hands on fun, and coloring all wrapped into one neat package!

The kit includes a plaster egg, excavation "tools ", and 12 mini coloring books. The egg can be broken apart, and explored with the included tools. Inside is a plastic dinosaur, that glows in the dark! This is a ton of fun, and my kids had an absolute blast digging for the dino. I do recommend doing this outside, or putting down plastic before hand, as it's quite messy.

The 12 mini coloring books are fantastic for young children, and provide hours of prehistoric coloring fun! If you have multiple children, nieces, nephews, or friends, this is a great package to share. These would also make awesome party favors!

As for traditional Easter candy treats, I also have a favorite... Surprise Eggs. These are so neat! They're plastic, reusable eggs, that are packed with candies & miscellaneous prizes. What's really cool about them, is that the prizes inside feature your little one's favorite tv characters. Plus, there's a good selection to choose from.

*Each set includes 3 fun filled eggs!

I got the My Little Ponies Surprise Eggs for my little girl, and she absolutely loved them! Each egg contains a candy treat, stickers, and a small prize. Prizes include jewelry, mini figures, and other various character themed toys. These were a HUGE hit with my kiddo, and I'm sure any other child would love them as well!

Products received complimentary for review.