Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A new way to game... Flare Play!

This post is for all the parents... aunt's... uncle's... and grandparents who are looking for an easy, educational, and ridiculously fun gift for the children in their lives. The product is called Flare Play. It's a video game system, but it's completely unlike any other's on the market! I know... people are trying to get their kids away from video games, and most systems & games are outrageously priced. Flare Play, is actually educational, and features parental controls that can be set to limit playing time! Plus, it's compact, and the set up takes literally 5 minutes!

Flare Play is geared toward chIldren ages 3 - 11. Which works out perfectly for me, as my kids are 3 & 11. After seeing them interact with their Flare Play, I can honestly say that I wouldn't recommend it for children over 11. It seems that kids any older seem to shy away from character and story games, as I've seen is the case with my 11 year old son. He does however, enjoy playing the arcade style & Lego games that are available on Flare Play.
My daughter is another story... She's not as well versed with the controller, so she's still learning the ropes. Her favorite games on Flare Play are the story games & the Minnie Mouse interactive games. The Lego games seem to be too advanced for her, but some of the arcade games seem to work well for younger children. At either spectrum of the age range, Flare Play does have something to offer!

Ok, I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me explain what Flare Play is, and how it works...

Flare Play is an online video game system. You hook the Flare Play mini box to your tv, and connect it to your internet wirelessly. All of the games are available online, you just pick your game & play! The only thing you need to purchase, is the Flare Play kit. The games and themes, etc. are all available to download on your monthly subscription. Yes--- it requires a monthly subscription to play. BUT you choose the type of monthly plan you want... Plans start at less than $5 a month, AND it gives you access to tons of cool games and content! You can also cancel the subscription at any time, there's no contract!

What kind of content is available?

The online menu offers a whole section of action games, educational games,  classic games, and even arcade games! There is also a good deal of free downloadable content. Some of the games included are hot Disney titles such as: Lego Pirates of the Carribean, Planes, Toy Story, and so much more. I was literally blown away by the selection available.

The games offered are newer, popular games. In fact, there's such a variety, that my kids are more interested in their Flare Play than the XBox and PlayStation! Which is ok with me. I'd rather pay a low monthly fee, than pay $60 a game. Especially if the kids decide they don't like the game... With Flare Play, they can exit the game and pick a different one. Unlike purchased games... If they don't like it, I'm stuck with a $60 game that my kids won't play.

What's in the Flare Play kit?

The Flare Play mini console
Flare Play controller
2 USB cords & a wall plug
A mini HDMI cable

That's it! The set up is super simple. Connect the mini console to your tv with the mini HDMI cable, and give it power via the USB cord & wall plug. The controller comes full charged, but can be charged by using the 2nd USB cord.

Just turn the controller on, and set up your game profile. Connect to the internet, create your Flare Play account & choose your monthly plan. That's all there is to it... you're all set! It took me less than 5 minutes to get it all set up & ready to play.

More info: Setting up your Flare Play

You can find detailed information on setting up your Flare Play by clicking the following link.

 I purchased the Flare Play Starter Kit --- How do I get started???

How much is the Flare Play kit?

The MSRP price on Flare Play is $99. However, it's currently on sale for $49 ... AND I have an awesome discount code for my readers, that makes it less than $30! That's right, you can get your own Flare Play for under $30! Coming from a mom who's kids have tons of video games, that's a steal!

I promise, this product does not disappoint! Plus, this would make an excellent gift for any occasion... Use the code below and get yours for a fraction of the price!

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Interested in learning more about Flare Play? Check out the Flare Play site...