Monday, September 7, 2015

Eat more chocolate!

If you're looking for a wholesome way to add chocolate to your diet, this is it! This cacao powder is natural, organic, and bursting with healthful goodness. Not only is it delicious, but its good for you!

Keep in mind, this is unsweetened, so for baking please remember to add a sweetener! I suggest agave, as its low glycemic index is a better choice than sugar. I have definitely tried this cacao in baked goods, and its phenomenal! Use it in lieu of cocoa powder, in any recipe! Just don't forget the sweetener!

Its also amazing in savory dishes as well... I love adding a bit to my meatloaf seasoning, it adds depth and deliciousness! Its also fantastic in sauces... Especially mole' sauce!

Dont forget smoothies, and coffees... Its to die for in drinks as well!!! With this cacao powder, you can literally eat chocolate everyday... Guilt free! Plus, its super rich in cancer fighting antioxidants, so its actually good for you!

So, what better reason do you need? Make chocolate part of your daily diet!

I received a sample of FineNatural Cacao Powder, and I am beyond satisfied with it. I've finally found a way to enjoy my vice, and do it healthfully!

Try it for yourself...