Saturday, August 8, 2015

A lesson in engineering...

If you're looking for an educational toy,  thats appropriate for older children, you have to check this out...

 This erector set truly does inspire the imagination, and develop a love for engineering. My son is very hands on, and this was the perfect opportunity to let him learn & create with his hands. Being ADHD, Andrew has impulse control issues, along with other difficulties. He thrives in an environment where he can take the ball, and run with it. This does just that... It allows creative freedom, and guidance at the same time. All you need are your hands, and your imagination!

The kit includes instructions for erecting a motorcycle, plane, and a car. However, you're not limited to just those builds. You can build anything you can imagine! It's easy, and tons of fun! The set contains metal pieces, nuts & screws, flexible plastic pieces, wheels, and a screwdriver.

Andrew had tons of fun, and worked diligently to build the motorcycle, and the car. He's now working on the plane, and the focus he's able to dedicate to the task is unreal! I can honestly say that this is a great therapy and learning tool for LD children. In fact, I recommend it for any child, but especially the learning disabled. It's awesome!

This toy was designed by engineers, to inspire the child's inner engineer. It's well made, and each piece is very durable. The builds are sturdy, and moveable. For example, the car can be pushed across the floor! It's a learning tool that provides hours of fun and creativity!

Sample provided for review.