Friday, July 3, 2015

Make tub time tons of fun!

Bath time can be a real hassle. Especially when my threenager (3 going on 16) decides she's not taking a bath... I've tried literally everything, in hopes of making the bath more appealing on these occasions... Nothing was working! Then, I received this toy net & bath crayon set as part of a promotion, for testing and review. It was worth a shot...

My kiddo likes to color... Why not???

Let me tell you, the fastest way to get a diva 3 year old into the tub, is to offer for her to color on the bath tub walls! My little girl went absolutely nuts over these bath crayons!

They're a pretty simple product. You have a plastic tube, with a sliding plastic adjuster inside. The crayons fit into the tubes, and the adjustable slide can be moved up/ down to change the length of the crayon. I'm not entirely sure what they're made of, but they do easily wipe clean with a wet washcloth. However, if your tub is molded plastic, and the crayon sits too long before wiping clean, it will stain! Our pink one rolled into the wet tub after I had cleaned up, and sat on the bottom of the tub for a day... It left a bright pink stain on my tub! I've tried bleach, comet, and soft scrub... Nothing seems to take it out. Just a word of caution...

With each package, you receive a net pouch, and 6 different color crayons. The pouch has 2 small suction cups attached, so you can hang it on the wall of the tub. It's also pretty roomy, and you can keep just the crayons in it, or add a few bath toys. The crayons are very bright, and work well. My daughter really enjoys bath time, now that she can create bath tub art while I wash her.

This product was provided as a gift, to test and review, and it's truly a lot of fun. I definitely recommend that every parent invest in some bath crayons, they're a great way to get the kids into the tub... And they provide a creative outlet at the same time!