Sunday, July 12, 2015

Lemon Coconut Uplift

If you're looking for high quality soap, that's created from all natural, premium ingredients, you have to check out Soap.Club. At Soap.Club, soap is a work of art. They're so passionate about their soap, that it's the only product they make! Each bar is made from fresh,premium ingredients, and aged up to 6 weeks. Not only is the soap high quality, but each bar is hand made! They use an old fashioned cold process, and it truly sets their soap apart from other brands.

Soap.Club offers customers the ability to pick their favorite scents and blends, and have them delivered right to their door. It's an online "club", that offers members different monthly options, as well as the ability to purchase soaps separately. Try one scent, or all of the many scents... Pick your favorite(s), and have them delivered monthly if you like.

There's no obligation, and no startup fee. Just the cost of your monthly plan! It's super easy, and there's so many to choose from... I've tried 6 different scents, and so far I've liked just about all of them!

Right now, I'm enjoying the Lemon Coconut Uplift soap. It's a light scent, that's truly inviting. The lemon is bright, and refreshing, while the coconut is subtle and sweet. The two scents compliment each other well, and combine to make an intoxicating, heavenly, aroma. Because the soaps are cold processed, they have richer, fuller scents, so even the lighter fragrances are enhanced to perfection.

The soaps are made from organic, natural plant oils. They work wonders to fight signs of aging, provide natural vitamins & antioxidants, prevent acne, and soothe even the most sensitive skin! Instead of being hard, and rough, like commercial soaps, the Soap.Club soaps are soft and gentle. They have a creamy lather, that feels like lotion on your skin. It's truly a luxurious, sensual experience!

Don't take my word for it though... Try it for yourself! Go to the Soap.Club website, and sign up to try a free bar... You will not be disappointed.

Sample provided for testing & review.