Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Beardsmen Spirit

I'm a skeptic when it comes to balms and oils. I've gotten many kinds for my husband to try, and so far they're not that bad--- but they're always greasy and messy. So, I was especially skeptical of trying another. My husband has been complaining that his face itches, mainly where he grows facial hair. Shaving, I'm told, is not an option. So--- we brought home another beard oil! This oil is different than the rest. It's much dryer, and doesn't leave a greasy residue. As for smell, it's rather pleasant, and smells like pine trees! No wonder it's called "Bold Forrest"! Also, it takes very little to make a big difference, and a 4 oz. bottle should last a long while! The best part about this product, it relieves what my husband calls "beard itch". That's a huge deal, because he is always complaining of his beard itching. Now, he's ecstatic to be itch free! And don't worry, the pine scent is NOT overwhelming, and does wear off! As a woman, I find it surprisingly pleasant, and definitely approve of this beard oil. Thanks to Beardsmen Spirit, my husband was able to test and review this product, complimentary, and now is 100% itch free!

Premium Beard Oil 

Beardsmen Spirit also produces a phenomenal moustache wax. In fact, the moustache wax is a thicker, waxier, version of the Beardsmen Spirit beard oil. It smells just as woodsy, and fresh. Yet, maintains its lightness--- the scent isn't over powering at all, and is quite pleasant! This way works fantastically, keeping each hair neat, tidy, an styled in place. It does have some give, which is nice, and allows for natural movement. Some waxes are very firm, and make the moustache look like plastic!!! Beardsmen Spirit; Premium Moustache Wax, provides your skin with natural moisturizers to prevent itchiness... While allowing your moustache to maintain a healthy texture & look. I received a sample of this product, to test and review, and my husband just adores the Beardsmen Spirit products! He swears by them, and highly recommends them to anyone in the market to purchase beard or moustache products.

Premium Mustache Wax