Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Orange Wild Amber Blaze Camouflage Ring

Camo's what's in right now, and men are no exception to this new fashion trend. In fact, there are more camouflaged items for men per capita, than women! Surefire Designs has taken the camp trend to a whole new level, and has issued a line of camo wedding rings, available on
These wedding rings are unique, and tastefully designed. They're quite the statement piece... In a good way! Each ring is crafted of high quality surgical stainless steel, with a gentle beveled edge for the perfect comfort and fit. The camo is an inlay, that encircles the ring, and is available in a limited selection of colors.
I received a complimentary Surefire Designs camo ring, in the orange blaze color, to test and review. My husband is on the camo bandwagon, so, I naturally gave the ring to him. He absolutely loves it!

It's been approximately 3 weeks since he received his ring, and he started wearing it within 24 hrs of receipt. The ring is still amazingly shiny, and has held up better than the wedding band that I purchased for him from a jeweler. The Surefire Designs camo rings are extremely durable, and definitely built to last. I say this, because my husband is not gentle on rings. He wears them everywhere, even at the beach! So, 3 weeks of use from him is more like 6 months of use from anyone else!
So far, this ring has surpassed my expectations, and I am extremely pleased with it! Try it for yourself, and let me know how you like it??? Surefire Designs offers a 30 day money back guarantee, and a LIFETIME WARRANTY on the Metal. Plus, it's currently being offered at a reduced cost! With a guarantee and warranty like this, at a price you can't pass up, this is surely a deal too good to be true!!!