Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Smashing Tomatoes; My Chopper FAIL

Onions beware, there's a sharper tool in town, and it's a heck of a lot faster than the kitchen knife! I must say I had higher hopes for this chopper. Only because I hate chopping tomatoes, and I figured this could easily perform that task. I was wrong. Honestly, I think it was just a case of wishful thinking. See, I saw the peppers and onion on the box, and instantly thought of my favorite food--- chips and salsa! Oh, home made salsa... The thought of it makes my mouth water!

Thus my tomato incident... 

 It happened like this ........ *cue the dream sequence* I was dying for homemade salsa, and prepared my tomato for the chopper. I gently pushed down the lid, nothing happened--- my tomato was still whole, but kind of squashed. Great... So I pushed harder. The tomato had a few small segments cut out of it. Ok I was getting closer! I decided third times a charm... Go big or go home...

And I slammed the top down quickly. Bad idea!!! My tomato exploded. Seeds shot all over my dining room, and my tomato was still whole. I cleaned up the tomato mess, and gave up on chopping tomatoes with the Freshware chopper. *end dream sequence*

 After all that is been through with produce, I decided to try only the recommended vegetables. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised at how well this chopper works when used with the right produce! Onions and peppers chop very quickly and easily. Plus, the chop is always straight and evenly sized. This makes cooking so much easier. Uniform pieces cool at the same rate, whereas odd cuts cook unevenly and some will be over cooked while others are under cooked. This is a very nice chopper, and makes prepping for meals ridiculously fast!

I received my Freshware chopper complimentary, for testing and review purposes. I recommend this product to those who share with me a passion for cooking.. But, I also have 2 ideas on making this product even better.

 1. It would be amazing if the chopping top was able to fit snugly on the catching dish. More like a Tupperware fit... With the current design, it does not attach in any way, but looks like it may. So, uses you know to grab the bottom of the dish, picking the chopper up to move, is a really bad idea! And a very messy one!

 2. I would love a finer chop, or even a dice blade. The smallest chop size available with the Freshware chopper, is still too big for home-made salsa. Unless of course, you love to chew on slices of raw onions... Aside from minor set backs, this product is most definitely deserving of a 4/5 star rating.

This product was received complimentary, for testing and review purposes. The above statements are my own honest opinion of the product.