Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dream Dots - Treatment Patches For Breakouts

Ever had a pimple show up the day before something really important? Or even the morning of? I recently had this very thing happen to me. The night before a big interview, and all of a sudden I have a massive pimple show up. Right on my chin! 

Naturally, I freaked out. But, I also recently received a complimentary package of Dream Dots, to test and review... I hadn't needed them until now, and I scurried to go grab them.
Dream Dots are small, round, sticker-like pads. They contain remedies for acne, and are supposed to help calm the skin, and alleviate pimples in just a few hours. This was EXACTLY what I needed! I followed the instructions, and off to bed I went... With a Dream Dot on my chin!

Now, I'm a serious skeptic when it comes to "miracle cures". I have to see it to believe it, experiencing the miracle is even better! When I awoke the following morning, I headed to the bathroom. I was blown away when I removed the Dream Dot. My crazy, massive pimple was almost completely gone!!! There was a tiny raise on the skin, but no redness at all. It was insane! I've never witnessed anything like it in my life. Well, aside from my miracle diaper rash ointment... That's another story (and yes, it works miracles!)
But, I really was blown away by the results. It was a mercy mission, and it was successful! I was able to make it to my interview on time, blemish free, and confident. Because of my confidence, I nailed the interview, and was hired! I owe my dream job to Dream Dots!

Want to try them for yourself?

This product was received complimentary, for testing and review purposes. The above statements are my own honest opinion of the product.