Sunday, March 8, 2015

Lumi*Essence By Argania LLC

I've had the pleasure of trying the Lumi*Essence face cream, and I am beyond satisfied with it! It's a very lightweight, fast absorbing moisturizing cream. That leaves the skin soft, supple, bright, and brilliant! It's the perfect cream for anyone who has skin damage from the sun, or discoloration of any type. With regular use, the Lumi*Essence face cream will brighten the skin, and even the tone and color out. Over time, your skin will acquire a more uniform complexion. This cream is truly magnificent, and it does work! I received a complimentary bottle, to test an review. After a few weeks, my sun damaged southern FL skin is looking amazing! It's like turning back time on your face! Plus, it's non toxic, organic, and made in the USA. You can proudly purchase this product and be assured that you're supporting the US economy! 

Lumi*Essence is available in a variety of sizes and types:

  • Face Cream - 2oz
  • Face 2oz & Body 5oz
  • Body Cream 5oz