Monday, March 9, 2015

Fruit Infusion Pitcher by Decodyne

Where has this thing been my whole life? Seriously. This is the perfect pitcher! The Fruit Infusion Pitcher by Decodyne is the accoutrement to any southern kitchen! 
Now, I'm sure it's just fine for northerners too... But, I am in southern Florida, and I KNOW it works wonders for that special back-porch brew that us southern ladies are famous for! No, not moonshine... Lord have mercy... Iced Tea!!! Sweetened or not, us southern ladies have the knack for making the very best iced tea you'll ever taste. And this pitcher is the perfect tool for the job! 

For a good southern tea, you need to steep your brew in the sunshine! This pitched is 100% clear, all the way around. Which is just what you need to capture all that beautiful sunshine that's key in making iced tea. Some people like lemon or lime in their tea... Some don't. The Fruit Infuser Pitcher can be used for either method! If you're a loved of lemon or fruit teas, like I am, you just fill the Infuser basket with your desired fruit. It's that easy! The Infuser screws on to the lid, and takes literally 30 seconds to fill and replace. You can also leave the Infuser off, and opt for a pitcher of plain iced tea (sweetened or unsweetened --- just add sugar!) 

Decodyne hit the nail on the head with this pitcher... With or without fruit, this pitcher is completely functional either way.  If you opt to use fruit, use fresh or frozen fruits, do NOT use purées! That would make a big ol' mess!

Some fruits to try in your iced tea: 
(used alone or mixed together)


I got this pitcher complimentary, for testing and review purposes. I absolutely love it, and recommend that everyone own a Fruit Infusion Pitcher! Hurry up and get one so you can share your drink recipes with me!