Monday, March 2, 2015

DC Comics Kids Batman Watch

I bought this watch for my 10 year old, who has a pension for breaking watches... I didn't want to spend much because of this bad habit, so this was right up my alley at $10. I was pleasantly surprised when the watch arrived.

Its really quite nice for a cheap kids watch. The face is a nice thick glass, and the display is digital, and very clear. The band is a fully functioning band, which is super important for us ---- my son somehow rips the bands off! Most kids watches have fixed bands, that just move under the wrist. This watch, however, has full articulation from the edges of the timepiece, to the clasp and band strap! The band is just the right length and width for my 10 year olds wrist, and he states that it's exceptionally comfortable to wear.

Yes, it's a Batman watch --- BUT it's not gawdy. This Batman watch by DC Comics is fashionable, but relatively classy --- as classy as you can get for a kids watch! I love that it maintains its child friendliness with the Batman logo, but it does not scream "I'm a little kid who LOVES super heroes!"

Well played DC Comics!!!