Tuesday, March 3, 2015

As Seen On Tv, Dispenserless Tape.

I'm not sure how to properly describe this tape... other than completely ingenius! I don't know how no one ever thought of this before now, but this is an amazing twist on the old standard packing tape.

The Dispenserless Tape is revolutionary--- by making such a small change, adding a small change--- this product has literally changed the nature of packing products, for the better! As Seen on Tv's new Dispencerless Tape is just that, it eliminates the need for a tape dispenser, and makes taping boxes a quick and painless process.

What it is: A pre-perforated tape. 

Every 12 inches, the tape is perforated for quick and easy tearing.

Strike one for tape dispensers...

This tape also has a non-stick circle printed on the tape every 12 inches, along the perforation. This circle is a guide. It helps you find where your tape begins, and it's not sticky like the tape, so it's easy to peel from the roll and begin using the tape again.

Strike 2 for tape dispensers...

As if this product weren't already awesome enough, it's offered at an amazing price that is well below the price of standard packing tape WITH a dispenser, at the post office.

Strike three for tape dispensers...

And---- they're out!

It's plain to see that this new tape is far superior to the old standard, and at such an amazing value, it will definitely be "sticking" around!

I received my first roll, complimentary, for testing and review purposes. But, I've already decided that this will be the new go-to tape for my household. It's fast and easy, and doesn't require fiddling with tape dispensers or scissors. Honestly, to me, that's simply amazing!