Monday, February 23, 2015

WHOLENESS HOME Steel Dictionary Book Diversion Safe with Lock

This is awesome!!!

It's the very definition of every cool mystery movie you ever saw as a child. Remember that tv shows and movies where someone always pulled the book and a secret compartment opened? Or maybe the hollowed out book contained priceless gems? How about the old gun in the book routine from older mystery movies??? 

This is exactly like that--- straight out of an old "Who Done It?" 
When I first opened my book safe, my son thought it truly was a dictionary. He even asked why I needed one when I have my phone and tablet to look things up on... I secretly chuckled, knowing he is way too young to understand what this is. I left the book safe on the table for a bit, and eventually he came back around, and started to check it out. He was dumbfounded when he realized it wasn't a book at all, and even more surprised when I explained the safe portion. He quickly began making plans for what to stash inside, to hide from the sticky grasp of his baby sister! It looks like I may have been book jacked...

My thoughts: this is an amazing replica of a dictionary. In fact, it almost fooled me--- had I not purchased it myself. The book portion is plastic, with a blue paper covering that realistically conveys the image of a standard English language dictionary. Upon opening, the interior houses a sturdy metal safe, that can easily fit important paperwork, money, or jewelry. The safe is key operated, and the keys are included with purchase. The safe does appear to be rather sturdy, and most certain would take someone a good while to open without the key.

I received my book safe as a gift, to test an review. I'm beyond excited to put it on my living room shelf, to see if anyone notices! This is most definitely a must have item for those who love nostalgic memorabilia, or even the average Joe looking for a subtle place to hide the murder weapon...