Saturday, September 23, 2017

Lip color for busy people!

As a busy, working mom, it's hard to stop what I'm doing & apply lipstick every time it wears off. In fact, I've nearly given up! Once the color wears off, I've pretty much resigned to not bothering to apply more for the rest of the day. It's super frustrating!

My favorite brands just haven't been holding up as well as I'd like. So, I tried something new. Let me tell you--- I'm totally obsessed with my new LipSense liquid lip color & gloss! The lip color (pomegranate) is absolutely gorgeous, and wears longer than any I've tried in the past. Since I'm always working, or busy with my children, this is a HUGE bonus! Plus, it's smudge proof, and can be worn lighter or darker based on your preference. The gloss (rose) is lightly tinted, and can be worn with the lip color, or on its own. When combined, the gloss gives the liquid lip color a super shiny quality, and really makes it pop! 

The liquid color application is quite different than I'm used to, as you apply 3 coats, starting from the corner of your mouth & waiting 5 seconds between coats. The 5 seconds between coats allows the color to adhere and dry. This is what allows for its smudge proof quality. You can apply as many or as few coats as you want, for lighter or deeper color saturation. The instructions recommend 3 coats, and I personally find that to be the perfect amount for a deep, rich color! It does have a slightly sticky feel when it's dry, but giving it a light coat of gloss easily remedies this. 

I've been continuously impressed with the rich color and longevity of this liquid lip color. It literally lasts all day! I can eat, drink, and talk for hours --- It does not smudge or wear off! LipSense offers a wide variety of lip colors, as well as lip glosses, and lip liners. They even have a clear lip volumizer, climate control, and moisturizing lip balm. You can purchase a starter kit ( containing one liquid lip color, one lip gloss, and an oops remover), or get your favorites individually. I am so in love with these products, I can't wait to try them all!

Want to try LipSense for yourself? Head over to RedGateBeauty. Sonya, an independent LipSense distributor, is ready to fulfill your order! She even offers FREE shipping & all sales are tax free!

Products received complimentary, for testing & review purposes. All opinions stated above are honest reflections belonging solely to Sarah's Honest Opinion. 

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