Thursday, July 20, 2017

Military grade energy for the average civilian!

As I get older, I notice that there seems to be more and more to do, and I have less energy to do things. Staying up all night after a full day of moving and shaking just isn't as easy as it used to be. I've tried all kinds of energy supplements, and drinks, but they all seem to have undesired side effects. The biggest being the dreaded caffeine rush. 

For me, these products don't really work as planned. They kick in unexpectedly, and make me feel jittery. That's the worst feeling! Then, there's the crash... Once the jitters pass, you finally feel good, then it just drops off suddenly and you feel drained. The sugar free drinks and natural supplements are a bit better, but they still have side effects, or just don't work at all. 

For the longest time I was taking B12 for energy. It works well, but sometimes I need something more, something for right here and now--- Not so much for all day energy. That's where a good energy drink or supplement is a must. Trust me when I say that I have tried way too many!

So--- the past few weeks have been absolute hell at work. Due to weather, all of our planes keep delaying, and I am having to work 12+ hour shifts. My usual sugar free energy drinks have failed to keep me going, and I've just been exhausted. I saw a new energy product on Shark Tank, and I decided to give it a shot. 

RuckPack is a military service-member owned and operated company, dedicated to providing the best energy possible. Their energy shots are a healthier alternative to the energy products currently on the market, and promote not only energy, but mental focus. I was sold at energy, but mental clarity is definitely something I need working overnight. 

"RuckPack’s® active ingredients work synergistically to promote core nutrition, razor sharp focus, instant energy and prolonged stamina."

I tried the RuckPack 3 oz. energy shots; Strawberry Assault, Citrus Ambush, and Raspberry Grenade. Each shot boosts energy, endurance, and focus. The Strawberry Assault and Citrus Ambush are caffeinated naturally with green tea, while the Raspberry Grenade has no added caffeine. As far as taste, I'd recommend the Strawberry Assault. It has a sweet & sour strawberry flavor with no real aftertaste. For people more daring, Citrus Ambush may be more appealing. The flavor is bold and tangy! 

If you're caffeine sensitive, Raspberry Grenade is a great choice. It has a bitter sweet, natural raspberry flavor. It provides a nice steady stream of energy, with no caffeine rush, and no crash. As a regular coffee drinker, I actually prefer the effects of the ceffeine free RuckPack!

I'm not going to lie, the taste of the Raspberry Grenade is a bit rough. With no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or colors, these energy shots are 100% effective, but they leave a bit to be desired flavor wise. Once you get past the taste, you'll notice a nice, boost of energy, and prolonged stamina to keep you going!

If you're looking for a natural alternative to the chemical filled energy shots sold at your local store, RuckPack energy shots are exactly what you need!

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"RuckPack is Combat Nutrition. For Every Battle."

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