Sunday, July 23, 2017

Getting some much needed rest...

For me, sleep doesn't come easy. I have a hard time getting comfortable, and end up tossing and turning all night. Which leads to very little rest, and I usually wake up tired. Sure, sleep aides help sometimes, but they're unpredictable. Ultimately, a good night sleep depends on a combination of exhaustion & proper bedding.

I've come to the conclusion that my pillows weren't well suited for my sleep style. I'm a side sleeper, and rely heavily on the support of my pillows cushion my head and neck just right. Otherwise, I just can't get comfortable enough to fall asleep. I opted for a firmer pillow, and found much success.

Since I was looking for a firm pillow, made specifically for back and side sleepers, I decided to give the Snowman pillows a try. They're a hypoallergenic down & feather blend, with a luxurious 6000 thread count cotton surrounding. Being made of cotton vs a poly blend, these pillows breathe better. This helps to keep you at a desirable temperature while you sleep, and wicks any moisture. If you've ever woken up sweaty, you'd appreciate the wonders of a good cotton pillow. 

The down & feather filling provide a nice firm support. Almost too firm at first, but they can easily be formed to any position. This helps to give you the best possible support for your head an neck. Which makes it so much easier to fall & stay asleep. Since I started using the Snowman pillows, I've be sleeping much better. In fact, I replaced my (more espensive) leading brand pillows with them!

How do the Snowman pillows rate against leading brand pillows?

I compared the Snowman pillows to similar pillows that I purchased at a department store. I was quite surprised by how well they fared against bigger brand pillows.
  • They provide more support --- The amount of down & feather filling is greater in the Snowman pillows!
  • The cotton cover is much nicer --- Leading brand pillows allow for feathers to pop out, exposing prickly quills. Snowman pillows have a thicker cover, and the feathers stay inside the pillow! 
  • The price can't be beat! For the price of one leading brand, department store pillow, you get TWO Snowman pillows
  • Care --- This is the only thing that both brands share. Both sets of down & feather pillows recommend dry cleaning as the preferred method of care. 

Over all, Snowman pillows are far superior to the top brands of down & feather pillows being sold in department stores. They're better quality pillows, that provide better sleep!

Try them for yourself!

Snowman Pillows on amazon

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