Sunday, March 19, 2017

Beauty at any length

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Aside from being a busy mom & blogger, I also work outside of the home. To make all of my "jobs" coexist harmoniously, I work evenings at the airport. I stay very busy, and I have stories---- many, many stories. I've often debated posting some of the outlandish things that happen to me at work, but I'm thinking that might be in poor taste? Regardless--- Those over the top stories will have to wait for another day.

Along with the exciting airport shenanigans, I do see some pretty awesome (and some ludicrous ) beauty & fashion choices. Those are exactly what has inspired this post. We have all been exposed to modern beauty trends. Some are dramatic, others more subtle. Likewise, some are pleasant, while others leave us wondering what the heck we just witnessed... Regardless, we've been exposed, whether we notice or not.

Personally, I've seen just about everything you can imagine. Lately, I've been seeing some pretty incredible hairstyles. Some that shock me, and others that make me seriously consider chopping my long locks. Don't you ever see someone with amazing hair, and think--- "Man, I wish my hair looked like that!" ? I do. All the time. In fact, I was discussing this with a good friend just last week, trying to get an honest opinion on whether or not I could pull off a look I'd recently seen. As it turns out, my friend thinks I totally could pull off a shorter style. However, she brought up something I'd never even given any thought to--- Wigs. 

Apparently, wigs are much bigger in beauty and fashion than I'd imagined. Think about it... With wigs, we can change our hairstyle daily if we want, and never have to cut our real hair. Brilliant! I'm not sure why I'd never thought about this before, but my friend opened my eyes to some incredible possibilities, and my brain hit the ground running.

So, I decided to check out some wig retailers online. First, let me say that there are TONS of them. Second, if you're looking for an affordable, natural looking wig, a shop that focuses on black women's fashion is one of the best resources. Focusing on black women's hair does not mean that the site is only for black women. In fact, one site in particular, has a variety of hair pieces & beauty products for ALL women (but their main focus is black women's hair). This site is Divatress

Divatress has an amazing selection of wigs. You can choose from weaves, lace front wigs, half wigs, braids, and even ponytails. They offer wigs made of high quality materials, in many different colors and shades. The best part, they have so many styles, it's impossible not to find one you love! Other sites charge top dollar for their hairpieces, but Divatress keeps it real. Real affordable! Whether you want long hair, short hair, an up- do, braids, or a red carpet ready ponytail, they have you covered!!!

Not in the market for a wig? Divatress has an amazing selection of hair accessories, styling tools, and makeup/ beauty products as well. Everything is high quality, name brand, and priced better than local retail stores. This is a site you have to check out!

Here's a few of my faves...

What are some of yours?

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