Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A site worth checking out...

Have you ever heard of the site called Tophatter? I hadn't until recently, but I've really grown to like it & would love to share it with you! 

What is it?

Tophatter is almost like an online garage sale. People from all over can buy and sell items, using an auction style platform. Don't worry if you're not into the whole "bidding wars" scenario. Offering both, bidding and buy now options, you get to decide to take a chance or play it safe! There's even a reminder option (to track your favorites)! Think, Ebay. Only more compact, and much easier.

The items for sale range from brand new to gently used. All listing have photos, and detailed descriptions of the item for sale. There's even a list of similar items for sale at the bottom of the item details page. This makes it so much easier to browse products, and find exactly what you're looking for!

How's it work?

Head over to, and create an account--- It's free! 

Find an item you love. Bid on it, or buy it. Its super simple, and bidding is free! If you win an item, thats when payment is expected. Each bid extends the auction time by 10 seconds, so there's plenty of time to get your bid in!
Payments accepted are: Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Android Pay, Apple Pay, and Paypal.

With Tophatter, you will never pay more than the cost of the item (or bid amount) + any applicable shipping. If you find more than one item you love, click the heart icon. This will allow you to follow the items via reminders, and let you update your bids to win! There are no additional or hidden fees to bid or buy. It's so easy, and with so many deals--- It can be a bit addicting!

This site is user friendly, and offers a great options menu. Once you click the options menu, you see: sell, home, reminders, turorial, account, and search.

What do these buttons do?

Set up a seller's account, and make money on Tophatter! Post an online auction. Include a starting bid amount, buy now price, shipping amount, and product details & photos. Once your item is sold & delivered, funds will be securely deposited in your account!

This button takes you back to the main page. It's the starting page, that lists current auctions & deals.

This button allows you to view and manage all of your favorite items. You can place bids on open auctions, or remove past ones. This button make it easy to track the auctions you're most interested in!

The tutorial button takes you to a one page run down of the site. It also houses a customer service quick link, as well as a FAQ link.

If you're looking for your account information, or purchase history, this is the button for you! It also features help & support links. *** Tophatter offers a share & earn program. Share your link, or friend code, and earn a $10 credit after each friend's first purchase!

This is self explanatory. Click the search button, to search for items by name, genre, or even shipping!

Tophatter is pretty freaking awesome.

I've had tons of fun browsing all of the items available for purchase. In fact, I even bought a few things! The process was ridiculously easy, and rather enjoyable. Where else can you bid in live online auctions, get up to 80% off retail prices, all in 90 seconds?! I'm just saying--- is definitely a site worth checking out.

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