Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sleep like royalty!

When you can't sleep like royalty---
Channel your inner kitten!
It's no big secret, I'm obsessed with comfort, and all things related. For me, there's nothing better than climbing into bed, and feeling comfortable, relaxed, and the perfect temperature. A lot of bedding is either overwhelmingly warm, or scratchy. I absolutely HATE scratchy sheets & blankets!!!

Over the year's I've learned a lot about textiles, and my honest opinion is that bedding has to be 100% cotton. Man made materials look nice, but they tend to wear quickly, trap heat & moisture, or they're super uncomfortable. Yes, most cotton products do cost more, but they're well worth the investment. Especially if they're high thread count! And by " investment", I mean that they will last a long time. Plus, they tend to be much more durable than the trendy polyester versions.

That being said, I've recently redone my bedroom, and added a new investment to my growing collection... My bed is now adorned with the Impressioms; Channing Collection Quilt Set, by Exceptional Sheets. It's a 3 piece set that's 100% cotton. The set is available in a variety of colors, however I was feeling beachy, so I went with sea foam.

Let me tell you... I couldn't be happier! This quilt is beyond exceptional! My bed is a standard king, and no matter what brand or style quilts and comforters I put on it, they always seem to be too short on the sides. So I was pleasantly surprised when I put this quilt on and it was the perfect length --- all the way around! It measures 92"x106", and breaks mid-boxspring on all 3 sides. (My mattress is 22".)

The set also includes 2 shams, each measuring 20" x 36". Just the right size for my super thick bamboo, memory foam pillows! Which, I might add, I also have a hard time finding covers for. Standard pillow cases are usually too narrow, and I have to carefully prod & maneuver the pillows in. It's really a pain in the butt! These shams are a breath of fresh air. They fit like a glove, and take less than 10 seconds to put on.

Aside from the perfect fit, the Channing Quilt Set has a few other features that have me absolutely ga-ga over it. The overall visual appeal is stunning, and the comfort factor is beyond reproach. I haven't slept this comfortably in a long time, and finding bedding that's the right temperature in FL is not an easy task.

I'm not usually attracted to prints. Especially floral prints. So, I was surprised by the rose embroidery on this set. Surprised because I actually liked it, at first sight! The color really had me excited, but the embroidery put it over the top. It's not too busy, but the entire set is fully embroidered. I'm not sure how they managed it, but it looks amazing! It's a very classy look, and not at all stuffy or "old". Coupled with the gorgeous sea foam color, it really draws your eyes in, and makes the room seem bigger! I like it on its own, but if you're not into solid blocks of color you could easily break it up with some throw pillows.

Now, the quilt is very lightweight, so I was very skeptical that it would meet my sleeping criteria. However, I was beyond impressed after the first night of use. Yes, it's lightweight, but it's so comfortable! It breathes well, and doesn't trap moisture at all. I slept the whole night without tossing, turning, or throwing the blanket off. It's like magic, how this quilt manages to keep you warm if your cold, and stays cool on warm days! I really don't know how it works, I'm just glad it does. I've never slept so comfortably in my life, this quilt is seriously awesome!

If you're searching for bedding that's visually appealing, and comfortable beyond measure--- the Channing Quilt Set is exactly what you're looking for! It is a bit more expensive than other sets, but it's money well spent. Plus, you'll save on dry cleaning, because it's machine washable!!! How's that for smart shopping?

Thinking about getting your own set? Click the link below. Don't wait too long though, these tend to sell out fast!

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