Thursday, March 3, 2016

A thermometer toddlers won't refuse!

Getting an accurate temperature from my 4 year old is almost impossible! She won't keep the thermometer in her mouth, and insists on chewing on it. It's so difficult to get her to cooperate. Even when she's so sick she can barely move...

The Froggy Tots digital thermometer is by far the most ingenious product available. It's much faster than other thermometers, and produces easy to read, digital results in just 25 seconds. I've noticed that the results are more accurate than other digital thermometers I've used too! It also features a fever alarm, to alert me when her temperature is above the normal range. Plus, temperature readings can be set to Celcius or Fahrenheit.

The aesthetic features of this thermometer are the biggest reason that I use Froggy Tots over other brands. The bright green color, and the super cute frog on the end make this thermometer more fun for my daughter. She actually keeps it in her mouth, and focuses on the frog while the results process. This thermometer has a flexible tip, making it easier for my daughter to keep it under her tongue while holding the frog. The flexible tip works great for underarm readings too! It moves when she does, and still produces fast & accurate temperature readings.

This thermometer can be used for oral, rectal, or under arm temperatures. Making it perfect for use on children of any age! It's relatively easy to maintain too--- A battery is included with purchase, as well as a handy cap for storage. You can easily clean this thermometer too! Just wash it with soap and water, and dry but thoroughly before replacing the cap.

The Froggy Tot thermometer is absolutely brilliant, and I highly recommend it. It's a must-have item for any parent, and would be a perfect baby shower gift!

Sample provided for review.