Saturday, January 23, 2016

Winter wellness

It's that time of year... Winter. With all of the wondrous things that winter brings, it also brings cold weather, snow days, and cold & flu viruses. No one wants to stay inside on a day off, so combating nasty illnesses is key during the winter season.

We all know that good hygiene habits help tremendously, and can usually be our best defense against viral illness. Washing our hands, covering our mouth when we cough, and keeping sick kids home from school are all good places to start. Knowing your health, and the health of your loved ones is also important. Tracking temperatures, and symptoms can be a hassle... With Kinsa, it's easy!

Kinsa is a cutting edge, smart thermometer. It links to your phone, and tracks the health of whoever uses it! Store and compare temperatures, & symptoms, quickly and efficiently. This helps to detect illnesses when they start, and serves as a guide for your Dr when you need to be seen.

What makes Kinsa better than regular thermometers?
  • 10 second average read time
  • Exceeds both ASTM and ISO standards for professional accuracy
  • For use by infants, children and adults
  • For use orally, under the arm or rectally
  • Clean with soap & water or alcohol, or use with a standard disposable probe cover
  • Optional extension cord allows you and your child to watch and interact with the screen while in use

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Remember; Wash your hands, Cover your cough, & Fight the flu with Kinsa!