Friday, January 29, 2016

Telling time in style, on a budget!

If you're looking for an extremely masculine watch, at an amazing price---- You have to check this out! It has a nice, large face. Which is totally in style right now. It also has a super rugged, leather style band. The whole setup exudes masculinity!

As for mechanics, it's ridiculously easy to set, and keeps time perfectly. Plus, the hands are illuminated. This makes it so much easier to see in low lighting, and darkness. Its also relatively good on battery use, and easy enough to change out if need be. One thing I have to advise though: do not swim in this watch! It's ok for hand washing, and rainy days....

However, it's not made for swimming. Not only will the moisture damage the mechanics, but it will destroy the band. Water & chemicals in swimming pools are super harsh on leather style bands, and will deteriorate them quickly.

Overall, this watch is a big hit with the men in my family. My husband really likes it, but has finally conceded, and my son emerged the victor.

I received this watch complimentary, to test and review. My son has been dying to wear it ever since the box was opened! He put it on, and hasn't taken it off, except to sleep! So, if youre interested in a very manly watch, this will suit the wants & needs of both adults and teenagers. I highly recommend it!

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