Thursday, October 1, 2015

Recapture your youth, without plastic surgery!

If you're looking for a less expensive, non-invasive, professional alternative to cosmetic surgery ---- This device is exactly what you need!

It's a high quality, professional, lift wand. This means that it's made for professional use, but offered for home use. I do recommend reading the information, and watching the video, prior to use. I found the video to be exceptionally helpful, as it shows different techniques. This lift wand uses electrical currents to stimulate the nerves & muscles, causing them to contract bact to their original positions. It provides short term results, initially. However, with extended use, the muscles will eventually remain in the contracted position.

How does this work???

Our muscles have "memories", and retain the uncanny ability to reposition themselves back to their original state. As we age, our muscles slacken, giving us a sagging appearance. To tighten them back uo, tge muscles need to be prompted to contract. Of course, this doesn't happen without some form of stimulation. That's where the Lift Wand comes in. The electrical currents cause the muscle to contract, tightening to its original muscle memory.

Does it work???

Yes! I've been testing this product extensively, and have discovered amazing results. After one use, the results weren't significant. However, after using this device faithfully, over the course of a month, I have seen dramatic changes. I am in my mid 30's, and have started to experience some drooping on my neck, and jawline. After a month of use, these trouble spots have tightened back up, and given me a whole new appearance.

What's really cool, is that the Lift Wand includes multiple attachments. This means you're not limited to just using it on your face... Yes, that's right... You can use the wand anywhere on your body! Again, please watch the video and read the material BEFORE use! If used properly, this device can & will give you amazing results ---- anywhere you need them!

Included in the kit:

  • Lift Wand high frequency tool
  • 7 Electrodes for each specific area-Comb, Behind the Ear, Neck, Nose, Spoon, Body roller, Face
  • 540 needles Derma roller
  • Aluminum Carrying case with secure snaps

Please note:
This is a complete professional grade kit!

The attachments are glass, and tend to be rather delicate. I highly recommend keeping them in their padded case when not in use. Also, using serums and creams in addition to the Lift Wand, will produce noticeable results much more quickly. The wand enhances the saturation rate of serums and creams, promoting faster collagen regeneration.

I received my Lift Wand as a sample product, to test and review. I took the time to educate myself on the product and its uses. After testing it for a full month, I can honestly say that it does work. I am beyond satisfied with my results, and highly recommend this product. It really is worth every penny!