Monday, October 12, 2015

A toilet training & incontinence must have!

Night time wetting can be a real pain. Whether its a child, or an adult, accidents can & will happen. The best thing you can do, is be prepared. The easiest way to tackle wetting issues, and avoiding daily laundry loads, is to use preventative measures. My favorite preventative measure, also happens to be the easiest: bed pads.

I'm a mom, so the struggles with night time wetting are all too real for me... Especially since I'm working on night time potty training with my youngest. My husband and I have it down to a timed science now, but we still take preventative measures. Neither of us is keen on doing 2 to 3 loads of laundry every day, because a 3 year old can wet the bed multiple times a night!

Our saving grace has been our Wearever bed pad. We have other pads, but they just don't seem to hold liquid... Even small accidents leak right through! Wearever bed pads are heavy duty, and extremely absorbent. Plus, they have an amazing waterproof liner, that keeps furniture and fabrics completely dry!

Wearever bed pads feature a Unique-Dri™ inner core, and IBEX Cotton Polyester blend. They're super durable, and reusable. Yes... Reusable!!! Just wash & dry them with your bedding, for long lasting lifetime use. You can sleep easy knowing that your furniture is protected by these amazing, cost-effective, absorbent bed pads.

These amazing bed pads have become a favorite in our home. Not only because of how durable, absorbent, and cost effective they are... But, because they're also the only bed pad that covers a large surface area, comfortably! Short of putting plastic sheets on the bed, these bed pads are the best alternative. They cover a large area, and have wings on each side, that keep the pad in place & protect the side of the mattress. You can use them above, or under the fitted sheet. Although, if you're looking to avoid lots of laundry, I suggest using them on top of the sheet. Just be sure to wash them every few days. They're soft and comfortable, and provide amazing wetness protection.

Wearever bed pads are an absolute must have for night time toilet training & incontinence!

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