Sunday, September 6, 2015

My addiction...

I am simply addicted to hand bags, and have been looking for the perfect tote. One that's classy, but not uptight. It also needs to mesh well with business and casual attire. Plus, it has to meet my size & color preferences... I'm a bit picky, so finding the perfect bag is a process.
Luckily, I struck gold on my first try.

This classic, vintage leather tote by Twisted Leather is exactly what I needed to satisfy my latest handbag craving. Its not too big, and not too small. The color is gorgeous, and reminds me of fresh brewed coffee! It even has a fantastic optional canvas liner. Its like 2 bags in one! It's literally my dream bag.

The leather is 100% genuine, no fake stuff added! Its a vintage leather, that's worn and has so much personality. As opposed to new, stiff, leather. The bag measures 14" long, by 12" high, so its perfect for the office, or every day use. It's not a large tote, so I wouldn't recommend it as a posh diaper bag. However, it will easily fit your tablet, personal items, and paperwork.

Before, I mentioned that there was a removable canvas liner. This bag is super unique, in that it has a completely separate, detachable bag on the inside. Most bags have sewn in fabric liners, but not this bag... Inside the leather tote, there are two clips (one on each side). These clips hold the included canvas bag in place. You can use the tote with, or without the liner. You can also detach the liner, and use it as a completely separate bag! It's pure genius!

I like to keep my personal items in the small bag, and lock them in my desk during the day. Then, use the tote as a carryall. When its time to go home, I clip the canvas bag back in, and head out. Its extremely convenient, and takes just a few seconds to clip in. Plus, I always have that peace of mind, knowing my personal items are safe & locked away in my desk.

I received this bag as a promotional item, to review, and I am absolutely in love with it. Not only is it extremely high quality, and ridiculously functional, but its also absolutely gorgeous. I love a classy, well made hand bag, and this bag is nothing short of remarkable!